My Goals in Council

As an INDEPENDENT Councillor for Division 4 my goals will be:

To promote business and jobs

As the Councillor for Division 4, I will be a genuine advocate for businesses - small or large, new or old - as we work towards building a resilient and diverse local economy. With much made of the Sunshine Coast being a sustainable region, we must also recognise that our enviable lifestyle can only be maintained if the Coast has successful businesses and opportunities.

We need the right kind of investment and targeted development.

Regionally, I strongly support infrastructure projects which will boost our reputation as a vibrant business community including The Place Making Mooloolaba Master Plan endorsed by Council in December, the new Maroochy CBD and the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport.

I also want to foster encouragement for new employment and business opportunities, particularly for smart and clean industries such as the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm at Valdora. A focus on these sectors will bring more employers of choice to our region.

To give and improve ratepayer's service and value

As the councillor for Division 4, I will ensure I am available to listen to the concerns of residents, encourage more active engagement with Council by ratepayers and the business community and improve communication with voters and their families.

I believe council should be the most open and approachable level of government and as such, everything I do as your representative on Council will have the needs of the Coast's community at its heart.

As the elected representative of Division 4, I will strive to ensure all geographical areas within the electorate are equally and fairly represented on the Sunshine Coast Council.

To address traffic congestion

As the Councillor for Division 4, I will lobby for an umbrella approach to addressing the Coast's growing parking and traffic congestion issues.

Yes, in Division 4, the Brisbane Road carpark needs immediate focus and should be the starting point in allowing the smooth flow of traffic in and out of Mooloolaba which is essential to the future prosperity of local businesses. I am a business owner on Brisbane Road. I understand the frustration of customers having to negotiate congested roads to reach you and then, having to search for an often-elusive carpark.

Improved public transport across the Coast continues to grow as an issue of importance as our population both ages and grows. Improved public transport encourages and rewards those  who are happy to leave the car at home and access schools, shopping centres, beaches and night life by public transport.

As your Councillor for Division 4, I will promote an integrated long-term transport plan which includes road and rail access into the Coast as well as improved regional bus services, construction of light rail and facilities to encourage drivers to adopt a 'park and ride' approach to accessing town services and amenities.

To keep what we came for

As the independent Councillor for Division 4, I will not lose sight of the fact we need to accommodate progress in ways which preserve the integrity and diversity of our clean and healthy waterways, coastline, beaches, rural areas, parks and reserves. The combination of these is what makes up the Sunshine Coast brand and have made us the envy of people the world over.

I want to see these protected with initiatives which allow these spaces to thrive, and I'll support the huge number of volunteer organisations that strive to preserve them.

I also strongly believe the Coast can only maintain its unique identity by maintaining the urban break which separates us from Brisbane, both in terms of space and mindset, and which ensures we maintain a distinctive separation from greater Brisbane.

The Big Picture in Division 4

What are the 3 things that matter most to you?

The "Big Picture" in council elections is made up of lots of issues that are important to people.

Thnaks to everyone who's taken the time to complete the survey so far. If you'd like to have your say, you can do it below.

Issues specific to Division 4

The most common themes to date are

  • Parking in Mooloolaba
  • Placemaking changes re the northern Caravan Park
  • Roads - all suburbs

See comments so far here.


Matters across the Sunshine Coast

  • Transport and roads
  • Employment and jobs
  • Council and development
  • Beautification and the natural environment

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