Sunshine Coast Feedback

See comments specific to Division 4 here.

Economic development - the SC is stalling across all sectors not driven by govt funding (i.e taxes/rates) - we need investment attraction, yesterday!

Preservation of lifestyle via guiding development for the long game v/s development and investment to stimulate short term objectives.

Urban density and height is sensibly tackled by every sensible city - parochial villages do not thrive or survive. The silent majority of ratepayers are sick of living in a backwater of whingers.

Public Transport Buses that are comfortable for people of all ages to ride on. Having driven them and rode in them I think what we present is a very poor option for our seniors and tourists and general public alike.

Reduction of traffic. Consider town planning to accommodate a workable public transport, parking close but not in! Cycling must be supported as it will be around for ever

Sunshine Coast Airport expansion is a must!

Better education about recycling and waste bins.  It grieves me to see so much green waste (palm fronds and the like) going into our general waste bins which goes to landfill and also poor understanding about what can and cannot be recycled.  If we're aiming to be the most sustainable council, we should be educating people about how to handle waste correctly and more sustainably.  We should not be charged extra to have a green waste bins.

Youth employment, retention and diverse job opportunities. It's expensive to run a successful small business here and pay the "lifestyle" price yet have to work 6 days for it.

There is nothing wrong with remaining a town rather than becoming a large city. Also we do not support the expansion of the Sunshine Coast airport. 

Youth employment, retention and diverse job opportunities. It's expensive to run a successful small business here and pay the "lifestyle" price yet have to work 6 days for it, and I despair for my child's future options.

Culling of bush turkeys!

Retaining our lifestyle while blending in the need for growth in infrastructure for ongoing job opportunities.

Allowing for a growing population while minimising the impact on our natural surroundings and maintaining the ambience here.

Maintaining the appeal of the coast to attract young families to balance our ageing population.

Future infrastructure planning and development for both local transport and connecting to Brisbane. i.e. not necessarily all in our own cars!

Adding an indoor stadium to the Maroochy Multisports Complex which is the premier club sporting facility on the coast.
Upgrade of Quota Park Cootamundra Drive.
All the ugly protesting signs ruining the look of the coast people have out front of their houses from pacific paradise to Coolum complaining about high rise buildings.
Safety and Community Involvement programs
Plan and invest in traffic improvement measures. New developments don't seem to provide enough parking for residents (or office workers) resulting in an increase of traffic issues.
Street calming along Alexandra Parade.
Follow the town plan.
Town centre
Roadworks around new Maroochy CBD. Why have there been no night works on Evans St? It's residential but better than a slow death from boredom.
Infastructure within a booming population.
Over development. Council seems to be encouraging high density housing and destroying the green belt so that they can claim they create (temporary) jobs for trades. It fills Council coffers with income for approvals and later council tax.
Reducing causes of instability and mental health issues in community.
I think we should take advantage of the amazing views we have here and develop along Cotton Tree a boardwalk from the Boatshed down over the water with some great cafes that look out to the best part of the world.
The waste of space that is the Wharf in Mooloolaba This area has so much potential!
The council gives out grants for events sometimes or approval for events that are on the same day. If the council could advise people when they apply for their grant or permit on the same day, then events could be more successful as the crowd isn't split into two. Also this would create a reason for people to come up to the coast more often to attend the various events.
It may seem trivial, but the lack if many rubbish bins.
infrastructure - parking, roads,
Completion of repairs to bridges on Bundilla Rd & Cootamundra Drive Mountain Creek
Caravan park at Mooloolaba should definitely be changed to rock pool and public space for us all to use.
Public Transport and roads.
Development. I think council should stop listening to the pinko, greenie, hippies to stop everything.
Beaches and parks including Mooloolaba caravan park and development
Over population of the area. During holiday periods it is hard to get around due to traffic problems. Maybe a look at the infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast
Ensure developers don't get significant concessions that do not benefit the community.
Bruce Highway upgrade
Sand mine on Maroochydore Rd
Keeping the cost down for rate payers. e.g Are there too many supervisors and not enough workers within Council.
Sippy Downs Town Centre and other growth areas for Council to plan.
Water prices are a bit out of control. I don't know if there is anything that can be done, but it is getting more and more expensive to use water.
Preservation of bushland areas and sensitive development in important Eco sites.
Maintaining safety and sadly, I have to say do not let any mosques be built on the Sunshine Coast. 
Developers and their prices for land.
The added advantage of an ocean / rock pool would be nice, but not at the cost of the van park.
Extension of cycle paths.
Stay on budget.
Public Transport
Lack of shaded picnic spots and BBQ facilities all along Golden Beach. In peak holiday season there are not enough. People cram in under trees and on beach access points with their shade shelters.
Caravan Park
Sand mining at Kunda Park
Listening to what the people want and need for the coast! I mean really listening and taking action.
Go ahead with international airport
Footpaths in rural areas - even gravel ones would be good to keep kids safe from cars and allow them to walk to school etc
Grants for small start up businesses.
Monitoring the speed of vessels on the Golden Beach / Bulcock Beach stretch of the passage.
Car Parking - Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. Put a highrise of around 4 levels perhaps where the Court House carparking is. Low enough that it won't impact on anyone, but really this is a perfect area for a multi level and so needed  Make it reasonable paid parking. Mooloolaba parking 8 level high rise, have plants trailing down so outside it is attractive, Please no units on top. Make it paid parking to pay for it.
Local business growth for local employment and growth of skills and on the job education. Safe work places. The local economy outside of retail and hospitality business hours.
Public transport and lack thereof. New estates get buses, older estates have little transport through them.
Really focusing on creating bikeways so more people can travel by bike to the beach, school, etc
Transport - trains
Tourist attractions
Rail corridor.
I think everyone harps on about childhood obesity, yet it's very difficult to buy a property to set up a fun, active and healthy kids business as it's hard to find a property that has zoning for this is or that can be approved for that kind of use. However, anyone who wants to cram houses together to make estates is able to buy the same land and do whatever they want with it. If there was some easy way for people to find out what properties are flexible with their use and which ones aren't and also make it easier for people to change the use of the land then we can have happier healthier kids with a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for nature.
Clean streets.
 Disgraceful! The street cleaning machine needs to be employed at three times the frequency that it currently is. As a daily road cyclist I can attest to the very, very untidy/littered curb, channelling and street verges.
Mowing maintenance under rail bridge Mooloolah needs serious attention before an accident happens due to not being able to see cars coming
The number of homeless people I see when I walk.

A down to earth and business-like approach to making the most of our opportunities