Anthony Swan

Teacher - Buddina Primary School
Business Owner - Quality Marquees & Tents

A dedicated family man with great community spirit...

I stand for John and offer him my highest possible endorsement as a candidate for Division 4.

I have had the pleasure of teaching one of John’s children (Milli in prep) and I've come to know him as a dedicated family man with great community spirit.  John has been on the Sunshine Coast for close to 18 years and has never faltered in offering community support where he can.

John understands business and how to make business succeed.  His support has helped guide a business of mine to great success. He is very professional and willing to give you the time to listen to your concerns, offer advice. And he follows through with ideas and solutions.

I encourage residents of Division 4 to vote for John knowing he will listen to concerns and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our area.

Julie Elliott

Retired Senior Sergeant - Qld Police Service

A rare ability to listen...

There are many reasons I stand for John, and for those of us fortunate to reside in Division 4, I encourage you to also stand for John.

John is a dedicated community member; his ethics & morals are of the highest standing, as is his willingness to help others.

John’s business background and his intimate knowledge of the local issues important to this community, come from having resided on the Sunshine Coast (with his extraordinary family) for 18 years.

John understands what the coast lifestyle is ‘about’, he appreciates and is passionate about what needs protecting now, as well as a broad vision of what is needed for the future.

John possesses a rare ability to listen, really listen, to all sides of an issue and I love John’s sense of quiet humour, his fairness and calmness - the latter perhaps needed from being married to Caroline!

John would be an excellent representative of Division 4.

Peter Boyce OAM

Principal Lawyer - Butler McDermott Lawyers

Honesty and integrity...

I stand for John Hutchinson because I believe that he has the attributes which make him an excellent candidate for Division 4.

John has honesty and integrity so that you can be guaranteed he'll carry out his duties without fear or favour.

He's in business and understands business and the issues that face Sunshine Coast Council.

John has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 18 years and has raised his family here, so is very much alive to all local concerns.

Rachel Crothers

RoyaL Australian Air Force

Listens to young people, and believes in us...

As a nippers coach, family friend and now a friend of mine, John is someone I have always admired. He is loyal, he's dependable and I know he cares about people.

I've spent a bit of time at the Hutchinson household in the last ten years and he's like a Dad to me too.  Any of my friends would say that about him. You can go to John with almost any problem and he'll drop everything to help you fix it.

I'm born and bred on the Sunshine Coast and John's been around long enough that I'd consider him to be cut from the same cloth as me. 

I know John listens to young people, he believes in us and he wants to make the Sunshine Coast a better place for us.  He's passionate about his division, where I spend most of my time on the Coast, and I 100% throw my support behind him. 

Vote 1 Johnny Hutch!

A down to earth and business-like approach to making the most of our opportunities