All three of our kids went through Stella Maris Primary and Siena College, so those school communities have been a big part of our life. I was on the School Board at Stella, and remain involved with the parish.

The same trio of kids did all their surf training at Alex Surf Club nippers. While there were many tear-filled Sunday mornings, it was part of the deal for kids in our house that they had to understand the ocean. For eight years I was age manager for Jemima's age group.

Our family are supporters of a lot of great organisations across the coast, including Wishlist, IFYS, Fostercare and Team Adem.

I'm on the committee of the Alex Community Association, and have been one of the many helpers with the Alex Community Garden. And I've volunteered keeping athletes fed and watered on some of Division 4's iconic local ironman and triathlon events.

A down to earth and business-like approach to making the most of our opportunities