Donations received as at 17 March 2016

These are donations of $200 or more that my campaign has received.

TBA refers to donors whose details will be published under standard Electoral Commission requirements.

John & Caroline Hutchinson $800
TBA $1,000
Justin Scattini $500
The Arabella Trust $500
Julie & Daryl Mossop $300
Tim Ryan $500
Ken Mills Toyota $200
Nick Struik (auction bid) $1,000
TBA $500
Ferre De Deyne $300
Kook Multimedia Pty Ltd (in kind web services) $485
Cathy McGovern (auction bid) $400
Mike & Marie Ayres (auction bid) $1,600
Coast Emedia $999
JCM Management (Hutchinson family trust) $950


Other In Kind Donations

Raffle Items see here

Auction items see here

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